FAQ and Listing

FAQ and Listing Tutorial

First Time Users:

-Register by creating a user name for the site.

-Click on Submit My Ad to fill out the information form.

-Provide a generous description of the property.

-Ensure you provide the correct contact phone number and/or email address.

-Upload photos if available (see Uploading Pictures section for tips)

-Click on Continue to provide payment information. Payment options now include Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal.

-Postings are listed for up to 3 months

Uploading Pictures:

-Upload your pictures one at a time, it takes a minute or two depending on file size

-The first picture uploaded will be the one displayed as a preview picture.

-Horizontal pictures are recommended as it will maximize the photoviewer display area

-Most photo sizes will work fine. If you are cropping your photos select 9x13 format or 440x300 pixels for optimal display.

Already Registered:

-Login and click on My Account in the top right corner to access any saved descriptions that we currently have on file

-Click on the yellow renew button to provide payment for the ad

- If you do not see the renew button, make sure the ad is set to activate as indicated by the green status light.

-If you wish to submit a new ad, just click on Submit My Ad and fill out the listing form again.

Managing Your Listings:

-Your listing will be displayed on the site if the Activate status is set to green and you have Days Left.

-If you find tenants, or no longer wish to run the ad you can click on the status indicator to deactivate the ad. If your vacancy changes, you can reactivate the ad anytime within 90 days of the original posting.

-If you have multiple ads, you can click on the Title field to view the property description.

-If you wish to contact us about your ad, please include the Ad ID reference number to identify the listing

-You can extend your listing at any time by clicking renew. This will add 3 months to your listing as indicated by the number of days left.